GOD-given formula to turbocharge prayers!

'Every problem that is over our head, is under His feet!'          (All power is in HIS hands! HE refrains from aiding thru flashy miracles. Unless, the cause be sufficiently worthy, and HIS requirement is met)

{A number of years ago, while washing clothes in a laundromat, the lady doin laundry beside me taught me the this spiritual truth (the LORD revealed she was an angel)         "If you want GOD's blessings, you got to know how to do HIS math!"}

Herein I will be speaking on one of the Almighty's most prized mathematical formulas. 'If followed, it touches G-d's heart in a huge way'.  This recipe was well-known to the ancient Jews, and to 10th century Coptic Christians of Egypt. But, in our modern era its forgotten.

Since religious folk in our modern age possess CDs of toprate praise & worship music, top rate inspiration sermons, etc, etc. These technlogical blessings makes feeling God's presence far easier for people to experience today, then in the olden-days.  
         But, back then, due to their lack of technology, our jewish ancestors and the early Copts knew far better than do most modern-day believers about the mighty power inherent in things like fasting / praying (especially, when the entire community does it in one accord!) 

As surely as a magnet draws metal filings to itself, the Bible reveals two specific prayerfasting formulas that attract God's favor in a huge way:
1- the famous 40 day prayerfast
2- the far less glamorous 3-day, dry-prayerfast (no food, nor water) 

If you open the Bible and read the book of Esther, it speaks of an evil decree made by the Persian King (2500 years ago), to exterminate all the Jews in his kingdom.    
        The Queen, Esther, was Jewish and the King did not know it. As the Bible retells, her uncle, Mortichai pressured Esther to reveal her bloodline to the King, 
to inspire him to squash that decree. However, to approach the King without him first iniating the meetings could spell death (even for the queen!).
       As the Bible reveals, a frightened Esther didn't even have to think what to do to attract God's maximum favor. Immediately, she instructed Mordecai 
> "Have all the people fast / pray 3 days, no food or water" before I approach  the King.
   Esther was not a particularily religious person, as was Mortichai. But evidently, the immense spiritual power of all the people performing a three day dry fast in one accord was common knowledge to the Jews of that day!
    As the Bible reveals, with a strong hand God overturned that genocidal decree. Not only were the instigator & his family straightaway killed. Additionally, the Jews throughout that kingdom were given a great advantage over all their domestic enemies!

Our group of righteous men will be utilizing the 3 day dry prayerfast. 
I've personally experienced this prayerfast so I am speaking about it from  personal experience. 
      From my viewpoint, its one of the most precious, yet overlooked gems of the entire Bible! At two different times in history this formula was followed by entire communities who were facing annihilation. In both cases, the Lord ruled on their behalf, sparing them:
1- The entire Jewish community of Persia, 2500 years ago (book of Esther)
2- The city/state of ancient Nineveh (book of Jonah)

Here is the secret to its turbo-charging effect: Since one performing this fast is also denying himself water, my experience is that sometime during the second day of withholding of all liquids, this tricks our flesh into feeling itself dying! This in turn triggers a fairly-continuous, silent crying-out from within to spontaneously begin. 

When our flesh is in this mode > now when we pray our crying out to Him ' with  all that is within us' becomes easy! 
(This turbocharged-praying effect places our prayers upon sacred ground!
This compels the Lord to grant our petitions His Maximum Consideration! 
*God Himself gave me these exact words to use > Maximum Consideration!)

Make no mistake about it, the 3 day dry prayerfast is a painful exercise!
One must make a heroic-effort to endure it to completion 
> All heroic-efforts performed for love of Him, also attract His favor!
All righteous men conducting this prayerfast, at the same time (for the purpose of divine clarification!)              

Almighty God holds the power to trumpt all earthly problems. If one is desperate to compel God to hear your prayer, affording it His maximum-consideration, the Bible shows us this is the best possible action for one to take. Along those same lines, in my interfaith research I haven't found anything better!  Again,I've personally done this prayerfast, and found it inundated with Divine favor!!

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PS> Before performing the prayerfast, I suggest that you humbly ask the Lord to give you the grace & the strength  to successfully endure the 72 required hours

PSS >Caution: if you desire to arraign a great multitude of people doing this particular prayerfast for a specific cause, I suggest that you first take the time to ponder if your cause is sufficiently weighty & righteous (worthy of His special attention!), as partaking in this prayerfast places your petitions upon sacred ground (If we magnify unrighteousness, elevating that to sacred ground, that would be horrendous!)